A Seat at the Table

When the Vietnam peace talks began, the shape of the negotiating table preoccupied the combatants for months on end. Though seemingly frivolous, the argument over the table’s shape reflected a much more important issue – who should be at that table?

If you don’t have a seat at the table, you have little chance of impacting the decisions that affect you. El Paso County Commissioner District 1 is unique and complex. It is a dynamic blend of rural and urban attributes, agendas and values. A large part of the District is rural and focused on rural issues, including respect and concern for land use, respect for property rights, concern about water resources and policy, a desire to preserve rural character, an expectation that adopted land use and development criteria mean something and can be relied upon, concern about the pace and scope of development as greater Colorado Springs expands to the north and east, and a desire to be heard when necessary and otherwise left alone. I live in Black Forest. I understand those concerns.

At the same time, a significant part of District 1 is urban and more densely populated. The people who live in those areas and the businesses and organizations that seek to drive economic growth in the District and the county as a whole have a legitimate interest in pursuing growth and economic expansion.

Reconciling these sometimes competing interests requires experienced, broad-based, principled leadership. Above all, it requires a seat at the table. I believe that my experience in leading and managing private, public and nonprofit agencies and companies and in the military will give all of us in District 1 that seat at the table. Please take a look at my experience, and you decide. And if you have questions or want to talk, please do not hesitate to call me anytime at (719) 641-0610.

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