A Journey Taken

The real work of the election season is suddenly upon us. Political parties will soon hold their caucuses and assemblies, candidates will be identified, and efforts to win the voters’ approval will be redoubled. I am one of several Republican candidates seeking the County Commissioner seat in District 1 being vacated by Darryl Glenn, who is term limited. My career has been in private industry, public service and the military, so I am new to the political arena. I am seeking access to the primary ballot by petition rather than through the caucus process followed by most candidates. I respect the caucus system and those who work within it, and I look forward to learning more about it in the years to come. However, I am not well-known to members of the party hierarchy and would not expect them to place me on the primary ballot instead of candidates whom they know better. And, because I am a political newcomer, I prefer the petition process because it allows me to meet, listen to and talk with many more people throughout the district.

The process has been daunting but hugely rewarding. To gain access to the ballot by petition, I must gather 2,800 signatures from registered Republican voters who live in Commissioner District 1. The experts say that to get 2,800 qualifying signatures, I need to gather 4,000 to allow for breakage. Wow. I and the good people who are helping me have been hard at it – walking precincts, calling people, meeting people in their homes, speaking at clubs and gatherings, etc. It has been an eye-opening, enriching experience. I am grateful for it. I will know by the end of March whether I will be on the ballot. Needless to say, I hope so. I am anxious to represent the people of this unique, complex district, and I believe I have the experience, skills and character to do it well. I am glad to have embarked on this journey.

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