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I am new to politics, but I am also a delegate to the County and State Assemblies and an alternate to the 5th Congressional District Assembly, so I am getting a crash course in El Paso County Republican politics. I have learned over the past few days that candidates and groups contact delegates seeking support for their candidates and ideas leading up to the Assemblies. Some of those contacts are meaningful, substantive and helpful – some are not.

Last week, I was the object of an inaccurate, mean-spirited letter sent to delegates and others by a group calling itself Republicans for the Assembly of the People. This week, I am told it was Holly Williams’s turn, and that the same kind of letter was distributed by a group known as the Council of Conservatives of Colorado Springs. I don’t know either group, and I have no reason to believe that Holly does either.

Some of you may have received either or both letters. Hopefully, you will not receive any more, whether they are aimed at Holly, Calandra Vargas, Ann Howe, or me.

If you look at my web site, you will see that one of the issues that concerns me is the quality and tenor of public debate about candidates and issues. I am tired of identity politics, as I suspect many of you are. Let’s confine ourselves to characteristics that matter – the facts, competence, experience, character, positions on the issues that concern us – and resist the time-honored temptation to engage in personal slugfests that rarely shed much light on much of anything but ourselves.

In short, let’s get on with the election.

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