Chris on the Issues

“For better or for worse, I am not a political insider.”

“Who I am starts with who I am not. I believe that the residents of District 1, like people everywhere, have had their fill of insider, legacy politics, of being governed by a political elite – in short, of politics as usual.

Like everyone in District 1, I would like to make a positive difference in our community. I am not a political insider. This is not a stepping stone for me.”

                  — Chris

Chris on Leadership

Reconciling competing interests for the benefit of the District as a whole requires experienced, broad-based, principled leadership. Chris has many years of experience as a leader and manager of public, private and non-profit businesses and agencies, a complex problem solver and a Veteran of the Air Force and the Vietnam War and of service in the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Please see Chris’s Resume at Chris’s Experience

Chris’s Platform

Western Conservative Values

El Paso County Commissioner District 1 is unique and complex.  It is a dynamic blend of rural and urban attributes, concerns, agendas, and values, and it is the focal point of sustained growth as Colorado Springs expands North and East.

  • Balancing the competing interests in a diverse, complex district including:
    • Land use and development
    • Water policy and resources
    • Preservation of neighborhood and regional character
    • Property rights
  • Provide leadership that is grounded in experience, integrity, sound
    judgment and trust.
  • Re-establish the proper role of government and improve the quality and content of public debate
  • Political correctness vs. connect and persuade, not divide and demean
  • Solve the I-25 Gap design and funding issues
  • Establish balance between the law and illegal aspects of  marijuana and its impact on our community
  • Find the right solutions to expand and deliver services to our veterans
  • Address the availability of affordable housing

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